The Everfree Forest
The Everfree Forest is a mysterious, mostly-uncharted territory just west of Ponyville. Unlike the rest of Equestria, its ecosystem functions independently, without assistance from ponies. Since this is contrary to the way the rest of Equestria functions, it's perceived as highly unusual and unnatural, from a pony perspective. Because of its untamed nature, it's home to a variety of dangerous animals and plants, and ponies generally are afraid to venture into it.

Scientific Study

The mystery surrounding the Everfree Forest makes it a strong point of interest among science ponies.


Marigold has been studying Everfree plant life for quite some time, with Poison Joke being her main area of interest. Various other magical plants also fall under her areas of interest.

There has said to be a mysterious castle also.

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Allirea is studying various aspects of Everfree geology, minerology, and seismology, for her senior thesis at the University of Trottingham. Her most recent discovery has been a potential micro-fault system along the border of the forest, although this discovery is still pending further investigation and seismic study.


The edge of the Everfree Forest that borders the Dragonlands is known to the Equestria Geological Survey to be actively volcanic in some areas, primarily comprised of explosive composite cone volcanoes, but also containing at least one known slow-flowing shield volcano.


Much like the rest of Everfree, the weather acts on its own volition. It changes and shifts on a whim without the help of weather pegasi. Weather in Everfree is also known to be much more extreme and volatile than the weather of Equestria; storms tend to be harsher, and can become dangerous at a moment's notice. Seasons also shift on their own, often earlier or later than Equestria's. Weather from Everfree does regularly drift into Equestria, causing havoc on regular weather schedules. Because of this, weather duties in towns neighboring Everfree are some of the most demanding and the least desirable to weather ponies.

Zecora's Hut

The path to Zecora's Hut has been made relatively safe to travel with the addition of Wardwood along the path. It is unlikely for dangerous creatures to appear near the path, but not impossible.

At the end of the path is Zecora's Hut the grounds she keeps around it. These include two a huge vegetable garden, a huge flower garden, and a Greenhouse for more exotic plants. Zecora grows many Magical Plants in these places with many beneficial or sometimes harmful effects.


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