Family History

Originally from the volcanic lands west of Boardor, her family evolved in close proximity to dragons over millennia, which gives them their odd appearance. Her parents, Gold Rush and Diamante, moved to Firelight Woods located in The Fringe just after they married. Life in the woods was harsh, so when Esmeralda was just a foal, they moved the family, which included her older brothers Moonstone and Sterling, to Aurora in Vaporia. When she and her brothers were of age, they all moved to Buckswana together. After a few years, Esmeralda wanted to strike out on her own and traveled back to Firelight Woods to try and tough it out, but only lasted a few months and moved on. After four years of moving from city to city, she decided she had grown weary of the nomadic life and came across Ponyville in her travels. Struck by the small-town feel, she decided to move into the Everfree Forest as not to startle her new Ponyville neighbors too much.


Hybridization with the dragons happened 3,000 years ago, and since then they’ve developed cat-like irises, pointed ears and dragon wings instead of feathered pegasi wings. Her cutie mark is a hearth, symbolizing her skill at smelting and jewelry-making.


She is a very kind and giving pony, with a streak of independence. However, she can be very brash and straightforward at times. Despite her character flaw, she is always willing to help a pony in need. She is quite sensitive when she perceives other ponies as being frightened of her, despite her best efforts to be kind to everyone. She does have a generally positive outlook on life. She does enjoy the occasional prank for a laugh as well.


She has a 6th sense that guides her when looking for gems and metal ores in the mountains surrounding Ponyville. She is learning to take up her mother’s craft of jewelry-making and metalworking so that she has a profession in her adopted home.

While not as skilled with weather like other pegasi, she can control fog. If she is ever in an especially bad mood, she can create an especially thick fog. When she gets her emotions in check, the fog fades away.


Her home is located in a glen in the Everfree Forest halfway between Sweet Apple Acres and Luna’s castle ruins. Right now she has a modest 2-level 2 bedroom/2 bathroom home with a large fire-pit out front. She has added a foundry and jewelry store called The Dragon's Den that was designed by Compass and built by Nova.
Es house

Layout of Esmeralda's glen in the Everfree Forest

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