Eris is a draconequus, a magical, nearly all powerful creature. Eris is friendly and is generally fun-loving and easy going.


Not much is really known about Eris' history, except for the fact that she's been around for a long time (maybe as long as Discord but it's unknown). Eris was never an enemy to the ponies and has always been friendly.


Eris is generally happy and sometimes hyperactive. She has a kind heart but sometimes has difficulty fitting in. At times she worries about the impression she makes on others and is sometimes naive to social cues. Overall she does her best, and most of the time that's enough!


Because she is a draconequus, Eris has the ability to do just about anything. She has a disposition to cause chaos, though the chaos she does cause is usually harmless and humorous to both herself and whoever may be experiencing it. She does her best to be polite with her magic and is trying remember pony manners, though sometimes she may forget and surprise others with unexpected or sudden appearances or tricks.


Eris resides in a room at the Changeling hive's castle. Whenever she wants to be anywhere she simply teleports there and when she wants to return she just teleports back. Most of the time she sleeps in her room, though sometimes if she's tired enough she will ask permission to sleep at a another's residence.


Eris is the Head Groundskeeper for Twilight Sparkle at the Castlebrary.

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