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Enle is a shy mare known for stalking ponies, usually without their knowledge. She used to stalk a lot but now she is found cuddling DagePony all day, every day.


Enle is so shy that she will run and hide just to not be seen. Which only draws more unwanted attention usually. But she now has Dage to be her cover, protecting her from unwanted eyes and anything else. Because of Dage being her stallionfriend after having a crush on him for a long while, she is a very happy pony now instead of being a jealous stalker.


Shy from birth, Enle has never had a friend. This has caised her to be utterly secluded from others. After leaving her parents, she hasn't properly talked to or interacted with anypony. But nopony understands since she is too shy and scared to voice anything.


Enle has mastered teleportation, possibly the best pony to be able to teleport both long distances and to places she can't see. Other than teleportation, she can use telekinesis, or levitation, remarkebly well, usually using it in enginous ways to compensate for her lack of any other spells.


Princess Luna

Although Enle resides in the castle of Luna herself, she has nothing to do with the Princess. She is just a bystander in the royal castle, attached to Dage for all intensive purposes.

Captain BassDropp

Enle has had little experience with BassDropp other than when he helped stop Dage from hurting her badly, when he took care of Dage while he was hospitalized afterwords and with him being the other Nightguard protecting Luna.


Enle is a happy pony, always cuddling her stallionfriend, Dage, even while he's on duty. He doesn't seem to mind, but others might find her a nuisance without actually saying so.

Player Notes

I play 5 other IC accs and 1 OOC acc, so I can get taxed when using multiple at once. But I manage nonetheless. I also have school from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM and get home 20 minutes after. My internet is limited to 3 hours per week day and 8 per weekend day. Onto this character, yes, this was Endermare. Now she's not. Thought better of it. But, I will say it was fun while it lasted. Got some good "What... the...?" moments that I will likely remember. But this will fit in just fine in Twitterponies. And be much more embraced by them, too.


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