Eleni Æther is a unicorn pony from Canterlot. She specializes in enchantment and alchemy magic. She currently lives in Ponyville at a house down the road from Sugar Cube Corner. Her younger brother  @mlp_Skyrocket is currently living with her in Ponyville.


Eleni is a very fit pony of average height.  Ponies say shes cute but she doesn't believe them.

She tends to have a very happy go lucky attitude when with friends. It takes a lot to make her angry. However it's relatively easy to hurt her feelings. She loves to make new friends on her own but for some reason when she is introduced to somepony, she gets shy. She loves helping others out and refuses any compensation. She can be a very loyal friend.

Cutie Mark

Her cutie mark is a Gear and a Gem


She was Born and raised in Canterlot. she had trouble finding what she truely wanted to do, her special talent. Very early on she met her life long friend Doubletime Tempo. After making friends with Doubletime Tempo she found a love for alchemy while attending Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. When she was old enough she left to travel visiting places like Vanhoover and Manehatten, to learn and invent new things. She has now arrived in Ponyville where she plans to settle down, and enjoy the fresh uncluttered air.



Eleni is capable of enchanting gemstones in several ways. She can:

  • create an ability unique to the gem stone based off the natural mana it contains.
  • Enchance an already ingrained ability.
  • Or use multiple gemstones in conjunction to craft a compound ability.


Eleni has novice skills as a tinker that she picked up from being around mechanics. she's able to craft several small devices and use the enchanted gemstones to create technology roughly equivalent to that of the steam punk era.

Role Playing

Guidelines for Role playing with me (only two right now)

1. The player is male so just beware.(I dont mind getting my character into a ship with a colt but I just dont feel like doing that right this moment)
2. I may be in my house (eating, cleaning, tinkering or whatever)
3. I may be in town walking around and "looking for someone to talk to/or new ponies to meet"(I also could just be walking around town)
4. There are other ways that will seem pretty obvious where you can start an RP with me (good luck)

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