Electro is a proud member of the Wonderbolts! 


Electro Bolt was born to a Honest, Happy family in Cloudsdale. His mother Sparky Bolt treated him well and His father Speed Bolt was a member of the Wonderbolts, When he was growing up he wanted to become a famous Wonderbolt, He was good spirited and had confidence when he was growing up and His family loved him so much. Everyday at school he would love to tell his dreams of becoming a Wonderbolt and drew pictures when he was bored. His mother was very kind and caring, She helped him get stronger by eating fruits and vegtables. On his 11th birthday he would go to one of the Wonderbolts show! He was so inspired to those flying super ponies that it made his dream even brighter! As he grew bigger and faster he became to be known as a great flier for his talents and earned his cutie mark it was a very special day and as he grew up he became a Wonderbolt!

Special Talent

Electro had so much confidence, He believed in himself to do better in flying, He was so inspired to be a Wonderbolt that he never quitted, He never gave up, He did his best to earn his way to become a Wonderbolt, He still knows that his family has faith in him, He is a Wonderbolt and will never give up no matter what comes in the way!


Electro Bolt is Brave,Unique,Creative and lots of fun to be around with He gets this from his supporting family, Who he knows will support him forever. Electro also acts heroic and strong so that he will never give up...

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