Eco Dawn is a green unicorn lover of ecology and the environment. Originally from Manehattan, he traveled to Ponyville with the hope of live in a more peaceful place and meet new friends. He is primarily concerned with the cleanliness of their environment and care of plants. Currently works on his Recycling plant.


Eco Dawn is usually quiet and friendly, always with the hope that everything will be fine in bad times. He becomes shy to new ponies and it takes confidence to know them better. He doesn't talk so much and is sensitive at times, but is very friendly and likes to help to anypony who is in trouble.

Eco becomes upset or strict when somepony dirties or contaminates, he's an environmentalist and takes the issue of waste and environmental invasion very seriously.


Born and raised in the most populated areas of Manehattan, Eco Dawn spent her early years surrounded by buildings and bustle of the city, he never adapted to that place but did what he could to do so.

Eco didn't have many friends there but he spent his time in the park, his favorite place to relax and stay in the company of some animals that lives there. With the passage of time, one day he realized that the park was somewhat dirty and with garbage, then he was delivering leaflets that said "Please take care of the park" but nopony paid attention to it. One day he decided to act for himself.

It took almost a week to clean, restore and rehabilitate the park and its plants. When everypony realized that Eco did a great job, everypony clapped. Some ponies asked him to clean different areas of the city and everypony were amazed at how good he was. It was.. that moment that Eco earned his cutiemark, a recycling logo.

One day he wanted to travel to a place more quiet, then he found Ponyville. After making a long walking tour, Eco just found the town. Now, Eco is urrently looking for new friends and takes care of plants and all the town.


Eco Dawn has various specialties, such as with sports or activities. But his principal specialty, as it says his cutiemark, is the ecology and the care and cleaning of the natural environment.


  • Has a small plant called "Fred".
  • Although he's a quiet pony, he despairs when he sees dirt or contamination anywhere.
  • He lives next to his recycling plant.
  • According to him, his red bandanna gives him lucky.
  • At his travel to Ponyville, he became friend with a Dragon.
  • He loves cheese.
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