Easygoing, for a long time, was a quiet pony. He was left an orphan at a young age, and spent much of his younger years going to and fro between cities. Then he found Ponyville. He slowly started to open up, and be friendly.


Easy (As he's usually called) doesn't have much of a special talent. More of many little ones, such as loving, cooking, and caring. His cutie mark is a memo pad, because he isn't necessarily good at, but loves to draw and write. He had a son he adopted named Tiger's Eye (Tiger), but he didn't grow fond of him and found his way under Punkie Dee T. Brewster. He also has a fiancée, Autumn.


As mentioned, Easy has no real special talent, but he's pretty reliable in many different directions. From anything to caring for your foal to helping make your dinner, he's got your back. As an earth pony, he can't fly or use magic though, and his strength isn't his highpoint.


Easy had a long time of failed love, until he gived up on it. Shortly afterwards, he was unsure if Autumn was who he was meant to be with, but it was his soulmate.

Tailsin Quartermane & Kiki - Great friends, even though they haven't known each other for the longest of times.

Emberglow - He is Ember's backup foalsitter, next to Izzy and Catch.

Punkie Dee (as well as Izzy and Catch) - Good friends, he knows them and their relationships with others, but nothing seriosuly personal.

(I'm sorry if I forgot anypony, but I listed the main ones I know.)


When I was deciding Easy's name, I just picked the first adjective I could think of, and it stuck!

Every time I hear the word "easy", no matter where, my ears perk because I think I'm being talked to.

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