-He's pretty shy, but willing to talk to ponies once getting comfortable with them like most shy ponies. Give him a kiwi though and he'll becomes friends with you like that. *Snaps fingers*

-If theres a pony who is sad or bummed out, he's willing to listen. Even if its just giving them the gift of presence

-He loves to see others happier than he is. (Oxymoron?)

-He's always curious and wondering about many things when it comes to civilization, getting lost in thought wondering how things work and why they are they way they are.

Cutie Mark

Due to him not doing much in his life. He's still hasn't found his special talent.


He has a pet spider named Gigak that responds when he talks to him. He's been with him since he was hatched, taking care of him and watching over him with many other spiders. He makes various useful things for Drakino out of web. For example a hammock, pillow, blanket, pouch, and many others.


Nowhere at the moment.

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