Dr. E. Namel is a Unicorn mare that resides in Ponyville as the Ponyville dentist. She is originally from Canterlot. She has a white mane with a toothbrush for a cutie mark.


Because Dr. E. Namel is from Canterlot, she has a very sophisticated personality. However, she love having fun too. She is a serious mare while at work, but enjoys parties and meeting new ponies!



Dr. E. Namel always recieved good marks in school. She wanted to be the top of her class and she achieved that goal in magic kidnergarten. Her parents were both dentists and it didn't come as a surprise that she recieved her cutie mark while helping her parents one day.


Currently she resides in Ponyville as the dentist. She makes sure everypony leaves with healthy and sparkling teeth.


Dr. E. Namel is good with dental equipment. She's also very intelligent and loves talking with anypony!

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