Double Tempo is a unicorn pony from Clearwater. Her magic is strong in relationship to music. She currently lives in small studio apartment over her shop in downtown Ponyville


Double is a slender unicorn of average height. She is regarded to be quite good looking, although she always denies complements. Double tends to be very cheerful and bubbly, with the average conversation consisting of far to many giggles and smiles. Despite her generally dorky and giggly demeanor, Double can also be prone to moments of extreme sagacity and calmness that contrast greatly with her normal demeanor.

Double aspires to become a bard well versed in a variety of instruments. She hopes to one day learn both the pan flute and the ocarina. She has a very ironic case of stage fright, at least when she doesn't have her chosen instrument.


Double was born in Clearwater and was raised there. Her practice in music was highly encouraged by both her parents, but her peers made fun of her for it. As a result, she developed a terrible stage fright and held her talent a secret.



Doubles ability to preform is exceptional. Incorporating both music and magic into her performances, she can tell a story through a song, or take you to where she is in the moment.

Her primary instrument is her voice, however, she is able to preform well with the harp.


Double is able to preform simple spells (Cantrips) with relative ease. However, she can only use complex spells when they are preformed as a song. The songs melody, rhythm, and tone must reflect the effect that the spell has exactly. Double Is also adept at creating illusions to acompany her music.

Other Skills

Double also, for reasons unknown, but possibly to communicate with the trees she lived by, picked up Sylvan (The language of the Fae and trees) from sources unknown.

Double also has free access to hammer-space, and uses it often.

Special Talent

Double's special talent is her ability to generate illusions that acompany her songs.

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