Ponyville's crazy candy lady. Supposedly Lemony Citrus's sister. Dolly Flash was raised in Coltifornia. She has always loved candy, especially lollipops. She has a cute candy personality. She literally can't live without candies. This pegasus is just crazy for candy. Dolly Flash got her name from her spunky personality. She also is quite light headed (not as smart). But that doesn't matter to her, she just wants to eat her candy. She is mostly around Pinkie Pie because of their similar personalities. Has her own candy shop in Canterlot but lives in Ponyville.


Dolly Flash is crazy and loud. She is in other word weird, but she is proud of it! Dolly Flash is very springy and you know "unstable" she is light headed (not that smart) she likes to be that way. She wants to show everypony her inner-self no matter what. Dolly Flash's first friend was Derpy They both share some personality traits including clumsiness. Yes, Dolly is very clumsy. Dolly Flash is also very friendly, loves to make new friends who accepts who she is everyday.


Dolly was raised in Coltifornia. When she was little she has always loved sweets. She decided after a while to move to Ponyville to see more new ponies. Dolly has studied many cultures. She has traveled to many places. When Dolly Flash gets bored she goes on the move. But for a reason Ponyville has kept her interest. So up until now she is living in Ponyville.


Wanna roleplay with this crazy, spunky, candy lady? Go and mention her now, and she'll love to meet you!

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