Particularly closed to other ponies but will show only the upmost respect to all ponies and deer, inquisative towards newly introduced ponies and might prss you for questions. Has a tendency to confuse Japonies with the common tongue. 


Born into a wealthy Japonies family and raised in the Isle of the rising sun, spent her childhood behind her families house seeing very little of the outside world until her she reached the age of a full grown Doe. She venchered across Japon in search of exciting things, places and friends. This turned to a memory when her father passed and she took up the title as Daimyo (A Fuedal Lord). She governed her province of Japon very well but wanted more from life than just living in a closed world, she didn't want to be tied down in Japon forver or become betrothed to a Stag Samurai who would only keep her with in the castle walls. she gave up her role as Daimyo and left her province under th stewardship of her mother, she venchered out but she left Japon to see th world. It wasn't long until she found herself in Equestria, she struggled to pass the language barrier until she came across an Archivist in the Inquisition who helped her learn th common tongue in Equestria. She now seeks to settle down in Equestria and start a fresh in this new and welcoming land.


Currently running a tea shop in the east of Ponyville called th "Red Leaf" After her cutiemark to remind her of home, come try some Japonies food, Sencha and the finest Saké you'll ever taste!!


A red leaf, the leaf representing the elegance of nature and her role as a Daimyo, the red represents her homeland: Japon, Isle of th rising sun.

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