Digit Shine is a unicorn who hails from Appleanta and uses her magic to help her think faster, an ability she uses most whilst programming and building computers. She wears a shawl representing her damehood to Princess Luna, which replaced a magical bandanna bestowed upon her by the Princess, herself [1]. She reveres Luna much more than Celestia, and will, in fact, treat Luna as the only real princess. Second only to the princess of the night, to her, is Rainbow Dash, whom she has revered as a heroine since she lived in Appleanta. She currently lives in an apartment above the Hay Café.


Aside from her extreme fanfoal attitude and respectful reverence of Luna and Rainbow Dash, Digit is a relatively normal pony. A bit nerdy, albeit, and enjoys the odd salt lick and sugar water (but who doesn't?), but overall a nice, fun-loving, and nerdy pony.

She tends to address everyone with their titles, which is probably a manifestation of her tendency to be modest. For instance, she calls Twilight Sparkle "Miss Twilight", and Alberio "Sir Alberio".

Despite her apparent nerdiness, or perhaps due to its implicit introversion, Digit is extremely poorly versed in pop culture and the world around her, in general. For instance, if a popular event is happening in Ponyville, such as the Fall Festival, Digit is very likely to not know about it.


Not much is known about Digit's adventures in Appleanta other than that whatever she did (probably programming-related), it left her with enough bits to live in Ponyville for a couple years without an income.


As alluded to above, Digit's special talent is problem-solving, especially when computer programming. She is proficient at programming punch-card computers that can process up to 8 bits. Her computer is one of two in Ponyville, the other being that of Twilight Sparkle in the Treebrary basement. She is rather enthusiastic in most facets of her life, including a moment when she created Equestria's first electronic mailing system (between her computer and Twilight's).[2]


Digit invented the game Pac-Pony, which is played much like Pac-man, but in black-and-white and without the ghosts. It is presented in a game cabinet, but the actual computing is done remotely, so it has to be wired to a full-size computer that is running the game program.[3] It has recently garnered attention from Game Center DX's patrons and they want to have it in their venue[4]

Digit Shine is a dame as of July 7th, 2013[5]


Digit is currently working as a staff member at the Game Center.[6]


Vote for Sole Ruler

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Knight to Princess Luna

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About the Player

Digit is played by Supuhstar (AKA Kyli), and has an account of the same name on Twitter, Wikia, and many other sites. She is from Georgia, and this character is a blend of a Mary Sue and what she believes would be a believable background or secondary character, insofar as both she and digit love to program, albeit in different media. The similarities end around there, as Digit has her own personality, which is merely based on Kyli's general bubbliness. Kyli also plays Lil Bit.


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