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Diamond Tiara is a school-age Earth Pony filly from a rich family, currently living in Ponyville.


Diamond Tiara is naughty and not particularly nice to most ponies. She's especially disdainful toward lower-class types or Blank Flanks, believing that her rich upbringing and early-discovered talent make her superior to them. However, she has a good side underneath her arrogance. She plans to become a perfect leader when she grows up, so she seeks to improve herself in any way possible.


After a strange turn of events, Dirty Rocklander ended up taking Diamond Tiara as an apprentice, giving the filly occasional lessons in working earth and stone. This worked out unexpectedly well; despite the differences between teacher and student, Diamond Tiara is eager to improve her skills, and Dirty hopes to improve her in other ways too.

How she feels about herself

Diamond Tiara thinks she is the most important pony you'll ever meet in Equestria. She too much of a bragger and she doesn't know that. Even if she knows Twilight Sparkle became a princess, she'll just keep bragging about her and Silver Spoon.