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Derpy Hooves is a crossed-eyed pegasus pony who was the first pony to get the Filly Flu. She is the owner of the bakery Derpy's Muffin.

Storyline Of Derpy Hooves

Derpy was born in Cloudsdale, where she went to school and met  mlp_Derper Hovers. Derpy and Derper were childhood friends. But when somponies started making fun of Derpy because of her crossed eyes, her parents decided to move her to Ponyville, along with a lifetime supply of muffins and her adopted daughter,  mlp_DinkyH. All the muffins were in a tiny bag, about the size of a newborn foal. Some ponies are REALLY confused about that. She decided to sell some of the muffins. Her business immediately shot up and she opened Derpy's Muffins. Later, Derper decided to visit Ponyville to see his friend, Derpy. Derper then asked Derpy to be his marefriend. Derpy has a sister called Spring. Derpy accepted the offer since the two were extemely close friends. Recently, they broke up because they decided to be just friends. But right now, Derper is moving back to Cloudsdale. Derpy sings this to express her feelings as she got the TB from him saying that:

MFDBFF: *takes out muffin and eats it* o/` When I was just a filly, I found it kinda silly, to see how many other ponies I could meet. I had my muffins to eat, didn't know what else I'd ever need. Other ponies to make my life complete, but their was one colt that I cared for. One colt that cared for meeeee. . . My Friend Derper, Best Friend Forever, like the peanuts in a muffin, we did everything together. He taught how to even fly (Best Friends Forever) We never had a single fight (We did everything together) We shared our hopes, we shared our dreams. I'll miss him more then I realized, it seems. *hears voices of off her friends singing the song chorus* Chorus: My Friend Derper, best friend forever, like the peanuts in a muffin, we did everything together.

Fly away s

Derpy's sister Spring

In the RP, a pony named Spring Hooves (AKA Midnight Strike) got the honor of playing Derpy's sister,  mlp_Springy.

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