Derpy Hooves

Derpy's Muffins is Derpy Hooves' bakery located in PonyVille.

Owner/Baker: mlp_Derpy_

Manager/Bit Register: {CURRENTLY HIRING}


Derpy's shop


Add more types of muffins on here if you'd like.

Item Price Description
Chocolate Chip Muffin 2 bits Chocolate chips in muffin. No more to say.
Blueberry Muffin 2 bits Made with REAL blueberries!
Vanilla Muffin 2 bits Vanilla, we all know. It's here. In this muffin.
Sweet/Sour Cherry Muffin 2 bits Purely sweet/sour.
Milk Chocolate Muffin 2 bits Sweet, it made of 50% milk chocolate.
Dark Chocolate Muffin 2 bits Bitter,it made of 70% bitter chocolate.
Banana-Choco Muffin 2 bits Banana? Chocolate? Together?! <3
White Chocolate Muffin 2 bits Classy 10% Chocolate, it just purely white.
Pineapple Muffin 2 bits Mmmm, tropical pineapple!
Macadamia Nut Muffin 2 bits The awesome nut meets muffin!
Peanut Butter Muffin 2 bits "It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!" Minus the Jelly of course
Bannana-Nut Muffin 2 bits This one is a must!
Vegetable-Filled Muffin 2 bits Dedicated to vegetarians out there! Oh wait..
Sugar Muffin 3 bits The sweetness of the sugar,so much of it! Seriously, a little too much maybe..
Carrot-Cake Muffin 2 bits Carrot-cake flavored muffin, need to say more?

Cinnamon Muffin

2 bits Ah, those sweet cinnamon. It's in this muffin already, ready to be eatten.

Apple Cinnamon Muffin

2 bits Apple combined with cinnamon, now that's sweet!

Green Tea Muffin

2 bits Green Tea, so classic.

Grape Muffin

2 bits Made with goodly-picked grapes.

Hazelnut Almond Muffin

2 bits Nuts....Its gonna taste good. (No pun intended)

Hay Bacon Muffin

2 bits A mix of hay and bacon, how cool is that?!?!?!

Corn Muffin

2 bits Made with golden corn. It is very nutritious and delicious!

Raspberry Muffin

2 bits Red, watery raspberry in this muffin! It's a must!

Mixed Berries Muffin

2 bits All types of berries in this muffin...Very healthy I can say.

Mixed Chocolates Muffin

2 bits A mixed of dark, milked and white chocolate. Mhmm, chocolate.

Derpy Muffin (Recommended)

3 bits Derpy's Best Tasting Muffin and her Family's Secret Recipe
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