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This article is about a character or location from the MLP:FIM TV show that has seen extensive development in our RP beyond what has been portrayed in the show. So, this article only describes the RP character or location, not the TV version.

Arrogant, power-hungry, and confident, Daybreaker needs little to no reason to take over Equestria other than it is rightfully hers to rule.


A nightmare of Starlight Glimmer's own making, Daybreaker appeared in a stress-induced dream. Unable to break free from Daybreaker's torment and destruction of the dream realm, Nightmare Moon appeared to help Starlight defeat the tyrant, trapping her in a corked bottle for future use.


Despite being no more than the figment of a dream, Daybreaker has been able to exist outside of her originally contained dream sphere and has shown the ability to not only influence the negative space but those who dream within it. She commands an impressive fire ability and is able to manipulate her mane and tail into vicious attacks.


Having been released from her glass prison, Daybreaker currently resides in the dream realm, under the careful watch of Nightmare Moon.

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