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Hello, I'm Darkfire, nice to meet all of you. I guard Princess Luna and Ponyville at night. I love coffee, so you will see me at coffee shops. If you ever need anything please, just ask. As a guard, I'm here to help


Dark is a kind and loving, but get on his bad side and he will make you pay. He's always there when you need him and will do anything to protect his friends. Dark also he loves meeting new ponies and helping then in anyway he can.


Dark was good with swords even from a young age, starting first with wooden sword. One day he and a friend were in a forest playing when a manticore attacked them. Dark faced the manticore to protect his friend. It was a long fight and Dark was hurt but managed to fight the manticore off. As this was happening a swords pony was watching him fight, was going to step in and save the kids but stopped when Dark stepped in front of the manticore. After the fight was over the swordpony walk over to the kids and asked Dark if he would like to train under him. Over 9 years passed and Dark is now a master of the three sword style.


Darkfire skills are his three sword style, in which he uses one sword in his mouth and two that hook onto to his wings. He is a master at air to air combat .

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Drak loves his coffee

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