Crystal Leaf is a crystal pony that belongs to the tourmade family


Crystal Leaf was born in the crystal empire for more then 1000 ago,she belongs to the tourmade family, she is descendant of the esteemed tourmade family which she was born and created with. Friendly and always happy meeting new friends.

Cutie Mark

Crystal Leaf cutie mark is a leaf wich means her being a native of the Crystal Empire,A lot of ponies have her cutie mark for being natives too , the leaf means harmony into crystal ponies or maybe could be the symbol of the crystal flag

Crystal pony s cutie mark by zutheskunk-d5hpscq

Special Talents

Crystal Leaf dosen't have much talents but she have a talent that only crystal ponies are able to do it "Shinning" crystal ponies shine for their cold protection how crystal ponies life very in the north wich the place is cold crystal ponies need an protection to live in cold, in the crystal empire climate is cold all the year so that's why crystal ponies shine, to protect themselfs from the cold


Her Family Relationships: Crystal Button

Other Relationships: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Orange Wafer, Bright Eyes, Lightning Bolt, Crystal Bolts

BoyFriend: Hiro

How To Comunicate With Her On Twitter

if i don't follow you, you must (@) mention me by twitter, when i'm not online i won't answer it very fast.

Please don't come RP when i am Rping with another pony is just not so polite of you ; i don't comunicate with rude  ponies. Twitter: Crystal Leaf

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