Crystal Dusk is a female Pegasus pony. She lives in a small cottage near White Tail Woods.


 Crystal Dusk is a shy and timid pony. She can't stand alot of attention, and prefers to stay alone. But despite, her desire of being alone she still enjoys the company of a few close friends.

She's definately not a confident pony, but when encouraged by her friends; she can be convinced that she could do almost anything.

CD is also a slightly cheerful pony, but tends to do everything quietly. And only around her friends.


Crystal Dusk has a few skills, but she shares the most of them only with her friends. 

CD has a very soft, and quiet voice. Some ponies describe it as an angel's voice. She can sing a very calming tune.

Crystal is also a gifted cook. She enjoys prepapring meals for her friends and family.

Dusk loves nature and critters as well, but is frequently scared by the forest's surroundings.


Filly cloudchaser base by selenaede-d75apax

Crystal Dusk as a filly

Crystal Dusk was born and raised in Cloudsdale.She lived with her parents and many other siblings.CD had many friends in Cloudsdale, but she moved to Ponyville when she was old enough to live on her own.

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