Crystal Dancer is a female Pegasus living in cloudule with her sister, Bright Skies.

She changes her form frequently.


Crystal Dancer a light blue color Coat, and her mane style is only seen on one other pony. She always seen smiling towards her other pony friends.

She has a talent of singing and entertain other of her friends.

For more information on her family, Check out Bright Skies .

Her favorites

She likes to drink Apple Cinders and fresh fruit juices. She also like to listen to the pony tones and the song "As awesome as i want to be".

Ages of family

Bright skies and Crystal Dancer is the 2nd youngest in the family with the age of 18 currently.

Sunny Skies is 21 years old.

Cloudy Skies is 20 years old.

Crystal Dancer is adopted by RidleyX as his daughter.


She works at MERS as a Leading Nurse. Her sister, Shining Music, works under Crystal dancer as a trainee.

Does any pony could apply for the jobs?

For the managers positions, you will need to have:

a) At least have experience working as Managers

b) Able to handle the staff in all situations

c) Pass my Entrance Test.

For all the staffs positions,

a) Pass my Entrance Test

b) Able to handle Customers

c) Able to work with other ponies

For assistant position,

a) Pass my Entrance Test

Friends of Crystal Dancer and Shine

These are the list of the friends of the twins

Dr snow Star

She is the founder of the MERS medical team, though she may be the founder, she likes other to treat her as a normal member of the stuffs. Hence why her uniform is identical to the rest. She have a very kind hearted pony among the crystal's friends.

Blue rose

Blue rose is one the guards for the infirmary, she is also very kind like her younger sister, Snow star, and she is very serious when comes to work. Though that they are sisters, having identical appearance, they have very different personalizes.

Aurora Breeze

Aurora Breeze is a pegasi friends of crystal since young age. She is also the kind friend which is leading a helping hoof to others. She always put her friends and family as the most important and Crystal is also current staying in the warm house of hers.

Beating Love

Beating Love is the newest friend the twins made, she is a kind and a cheerful nurse towards them.

Some short info of MERS

MERS, Manhattan Emergency Response service, is a medical team which of consists of Crystal dancer , Dr snow and many more!

To find out more about MERS, read "MERS"

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