Crimson Bolt, a red pegasus bass player, moved to ponyville in september of 2012. He is currently working on opening his own store and lesson center, and is dating an earth pony named Patch, and his pegasus daughter Razzle Dazzle.

Early Life

Crimson grew up with a peaceful life in the small town of Quiet Horn Valley, a little town originally founded by unicorns. Crimsons parents were very supportive of his drive to play music. His mother, Upper Crust, was the owner of a bakery in town, while his father, Even Flow, a pegasus for the towns weather team with a fondness for music, raised him until Crimson thought it was time to leave the nest, and explore the world.

Adult life

Crimson traveled from town to town, taking jobs here and there to live comfortably and save money, until he heard of Ponyville, a town that was quickly growing in size and population. Seeing an oppertunity, he packed his belongings and withdrew his bits to begin in the town of ponyville, hoping to one day open his music shop and lesson area idea from early on in his travels. While in ponyville, Crimson has met an earth pony named Patch, and the relationship has taken off incredibly well. They are both excited for their new foal that is currently on the way. Also, Crimson has met up with a group known as the PegaPals, an adventure group in Ponyville, and has become a member, and is always excited to go on adventures with the group.
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