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Corkboard Pincushion is a unicorn who moved from Detrot to Ponyville, where she now works as a pin/tack/nail/etc. crafter.


Corkboard Pincushion was born and raised in Detrot, where she lived for most of her life. When she was 5 years old, her mother left to go on a business trip, leaving her father to take care of her. After a few days, her father wanted to show Corkboard his workplace, where there were tacks pinned all along the walls. When Corkboard entered the workplace, her father told her that she could rearrange the tacks however she wanted to. She used her magic to pull out all of the tacks out of the wall along with some other sharp objects from the office and fashioned them into one, larger tack. When her father saw what she did, he was amazed and impressed. At the same time, she happened to look at her flank and, viola, there was her cutie mark.

Cutie Mark

Corkboard's cutie mark is comprised of two tacks which are crossing each other, which she earned when she realized how much she loved working with pointy things.


Corkboard Pincushion is a very friendly pony who always likes to make friends. She can be very clumsy at times, but she makes up for it in whole in her kindness to others. When working, however, she gets very focused, often blocking out the world around her to focus solely on the task at hoof. When she gets nervous, she always likes to have a nice piece of of gum. Even when she's not nervous, she likes to have some gum. In fact, she just plain loves gum. She's an absolute gum addict, even.


When Corkboard isn't working, she's usually doing one of three things:

  • Wandering around Ponyville aimlessly
  • Interacting with other ponies and making friends with them
  • Sitting on her sofa, listening to her radio


Corkboard is an expert at crafting sharp, pointy things, such as nails, tacks, pins, needles, etc. She can also un-bend, un-rust and generally refurbish any sort of item she can make. She can also spit a piece of gum into a trash can from over 5 meters away.


  • Corkboard knows how to speak in Latin, but she doesn't like to.
  • Corkboard has EXTREME malice towards Pokey Pierce, but as to why, nopony knows.
  • Corkboard made a total of 12,750 nails before moving to Ponyville.
  • Corkboard has a secret stash of chocolate cakes behind a bookshelf in her basement, which is accessed by pulling out the book entitled, "The Big Book Of Cakes".
  • If you call Corkboard "Pinhead", expect to get a punch to the shoulder.
  • Corkboard is afraid of: Bats, Dark caves, and Spiders.
  • Corkboard is Lactose Intolerant.
  • Corkboard is allergic to most cold and flu medications. Nopony knows why.
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