Commander Frost keeps his division, which he calls his family, safe and ready for action.


The only surviving member of a quad created years ago, Commander Frost created a division to help and assist, which he called "The 6-4." He serves under Princess Celestia in Canterlot. His teammates with him are Cooper and Miller.


He is skilled in tactics, trainering, fighter and leadership, and spends almost all his time training new recruits and other guard ponies of new attack and defense moves.


He's a natural born leader-- when teamed up with his military discipline he's able to assist any pony as he can, whenever needed. He's an optimist, and always hopes for the best.


Princess Celestia

Commander Frost serves under Princess Celestia, always want to keep peace, and want to please her. But when danger comes, Commander Frost will protect her at all cost.

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