ColorDrop is a very loving Pegasus. She solves problems and does her best to try and make other ponies feel happy.


Color was born and raised in Oreogon for her life. When she moved to Ponyville she became a great, loving pony. She loves to meet new ponies and help them through hardships. Color rarely gets scared, as her Cutie Mark is to help other ponies, she will be the one to make you not be scared. Making ponies happy always makes her happy, she doesn't mind mean ponies and tries to dodge fights. She always ask ponies how they are, how did they sleep, and other questions to start a nice conversation with the pony. Her coltfriend is @MLP_Tower, and she is always going to be in a happy mood.

Cutie Mark

Color got her Cutie Mark in Oreogon. A plague in Oreogon has set and everypony who has the illness gets sick and might die. Her best friend caught the disease and had died, leaving Color extremely distraught. Her other friend broke down in tears, and never wanted to talk to anypony because of these deaths. Color decided to ask her friend why, who, and how. After the long conversation both were in an extremely happy mood, leaving Color with her Cutie Mark, a red heart.


Color currently lives in @mlp_compass's house with her, @MLP_Tower, and @mlp_DrewScroll. She used to live on her own until she started seeing Tower. She happily lives with all three of them.

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