Coldy Stone is a reformed blue changeling with green mane and a green tail. He has red eyes and sometimes wears goggles, but doesn't stand the cold, so he uses scarfs almost all the time.

Coldy was taken in by a detective who saw his pod in the outskirts of Canterlot, at the time, Coldy was unreformed, but even so, the detective taught Coldy right from wrong, and how to not feed on love and how to not cause pain and evil. When the changelings were reformed, Coldy had just turned 8, and he now had a very positive outlook on life, however, at school, he was bullied for not being a pony and for the changelings' dark past. The detective was disheartened by this and then worked to get Coldy to be transferred to another school. After some time, they found out the school of friendship was taking in new students, so Coldy was transferred there. However, the celebration did not last long.

Coldy's father had to move away overseas to Mount Aries for 'important family business' and that Coldy had to stay at the school until the father came back. The business is something that the father and Coldy won't or can't reveal specifically. After heading to the school, Coldy learned a bunch of new things. He learned alchemy, he learned many magic spells, and he became passionate about art for it's uniqueness. The love for uniqueness also came from the Young Six, being amazed that they were all different and unique, Coldy gotten a love for uniqueness. In both them and art itself. He became enamored in the promises of art, and has made many paintings, his most impressive ones being abstract art that is definitely unique, but difficult to understand fully.

Coldy's personality when he was first born, was vicious like any other unreformed changeling, but his father slowly taught Coldy about empathy, justice, right and wrong, and basic morals. When Coldy was reformed, he grew to love every piece of life, plants, ponies, dragons, everything. It was like being permanently blind to the good world, and then being able to see it for the very first time. However, he was bullied for being different at his old school, because of this, he felt confused and hurt, but he didn't outright hate ponies. When he got to the school of friendship, he was afraid of being bullied, but all he found was kindness and affection, so he decided to stay there and make the best of it. His greatest fear is ghosts.

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