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About Cloudy

For a pegasus who lives in a busy part of Cloudsdale, Cloudy Shy likes to spend her time in her bedroom, sending letters to her parents who live in another town, and thinking about the butterfly migration, But other than that and that she can be shy, She loves to get things done and is very playful, along with very happy every day. Unless someone starts to be mean to her, or even if someone does, Cloudyshy keeps her head up and just smiles, Though inside she wants to cry, and just feels so alone. She has no current friends, But she does not care a teeny tiny bit.

 Her Cutie Mark

She got her cutie mark, which is a Cloud and a butterfly, because she helps with the butterfly migrations, Which means she would hide in every cloud making sure no butterfly gets lost, and every butterfly migrates. She got this when she was almost about Apple Bloom's age.  

Cutie Mark Story: "Oh look the Butterfly-" Cloudyshy stopped talking as she turned around to find the butterfly migration was getting smaller and smaller, with 1 butterfly to another almost falling. She had spilled her rainwater cloud and just stared. "I HAVE TO KEEP THIS GOING!" So she flew off, as fast as she could go, and caught some of the butterflies before they went down. She looked down, curious, and actually instead of a ground she saw a little filly, with a pink mane and a yellow coat, watched the migration from below. Cloudy started to fly above the migration, and hid in clouds below so she would not be seen by this filly. She started making clouds to catch the fallen butterflies and also to not be seen, and flash on her flank appeared, and there was a Cloud and a Butterfly, stating her care for this migration saved it.


Cloudyshy always lived on a peaceful cloud at the top of the mountain, Where she would always look down and see Canterlot, and occasionally see Celestia raise the sun. Her mother and father were always supportive of her, and she was home schooled, due to the fact there were no schools close by. She would sometimes go to the market in Canterlot with her mother, and sometimes help make supper for her family. She had one big sister, who Cloudy always looked up to. But she was always confused because of her flowing mane, like one that Celestia has... Besides that, She looked alot like her parents, but shared only 1 trait with each of them. She always was playful, and she got that from both of them. As a filly, She had very powerful wings and flew very easily her 3rd turn trying to fly.

~ MLP_Cloudyshy ~

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