Cloud Chords the name (Was that too cheesy?)

Ahh you wish to know more about me, well I'm flattered, very well then, I hope you're sitting comfortably if so we shall begin.


Well I was born and raised in the floating cloud city of Cloudsdale, I'm a vocalist at heart so there wasn't that much opportunity for a city renowned for it's flying pegasi, It was when I turned 16 that I was able to leave in search for a job, I began to research and a small town kept on popping up, I looked into it some more and most of my favorite musicians lived there. The town of Ponyville was a small town a short way away from Canterlot, it is governed by the Princess of friendship; Twilight Sparkle and her friends and although it is renowned for it's bad luck in Cloudsdale, being close to Everfree forest and it's encounters with dangerous creatures, it seems to be the best place for a musician like me.


Which one? Yes I was born with D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder), a rare condition with ponies meaning I have two personalities, while I am fun loving and enjoy trying anything, the other me is antisocial and will try his best to not make any friends. It's kind of a bummer.


Well I've already said that I am a vocalist, apart from that I enjoy puzzles and detective films, especially Sherlock Hooves, who I'm a fan of. Aside from singing, I can also play the violin, which I learnt from reading way too may of Sherlock's stories.


After leaving Cloudsdale, I moved to Ponyville and brought a cloud house just on the outskirts, which I now live in with my pet Raven named Raven (Unimaginative, I know but seriously, what would you name a Raven?)

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