Celeste is a pegasus mare from Canterlot. Descending from a long line of Knights, she's all that's left of the Order of the Sun, an organization dedicated to Princess Celestia, and currently holds the title of Knight of Justice.


Celeste was born on a summer evening in Canterlot. Ever since she could remember, she'd been training as a squire under her father, Solis, alongside her twin brother, Lune.

Being a pegasus, she was focused primarily on hoof combat.

Reaching young adulthood, she was sworn into the Order of the Sun, and spent most of her time in the courtyards of the Day Palace, training with the guard. She'd be sent on various odd tasks by her father, but otherwise she remained content to stay out of the limelight.

All of that changed, however, when he father retired. Believing Celeste would happily accept, he named her the next Knight of Justice. Uneasy with the title and the responsibility it held, she fled her home.

The next few years Celeste spent traveling Equestria, meeting ponies and trying to find her place in the world. Eventually, she realized that her duty is her calling, and returned to Canterlot, only to find her father had passed and the Order was lost.

Taking her father's place, she now works toward rebuilding her father's vision.


Celeste is an anxious mare, who would rather sit back and watch than lead a discussion. She's very self-doubting, and incredibly uneasy about making important decisions.

When meeting new ponies she's rather polite, however if the conversation turns toward her appearance, she may get touchy, and end the chat.


Celeste has a lavender blush coat, pink eyes, and a mane with cyan, spring green, and pink stripes. Her cutiemark is a sun with a transparent shield.

Her appearance startled her mother, Borealis, but thrilled her father, who took it as a sign that Celeste was the pony to lead the Order of the Sun into a new age.


  • Solis - Celeste's father. A unicorn proficient in hoof combat. Hails from a long line of Knight's of Justice's. Spent a majority of his time with Celeste.
  • Borealis - Celeste's mother. A pegasus mare who studied herbal medicine.
  • Lune - Celeste's twin brother, a unicorn. Jealous of Celetse, Lune resents her for being named Knight of Justice and believes that he would have been a better pick. Celeste hasn't spoken to him since she left.
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