Cari Sea and her parents, Mary Sea and Jordan Sea, and her sister, Shimmer Sea, lived in Manehattan while they she was growing up. Her mother was a clothes and prop designer for her husbands plays, as he was a director. Shimmer was Cari's older sister, and Shimmer loved to star in her parents plays. Cari liked to sit in the audience and watch the musical, clapping loudly after her sister sang. When she was a teenager, she moved to Ponyville for college, and stayed in an apartment. She wasn't very smart, as she just made it past her last year of hay school. When she finished college, she spent 2 years at mane styling school. At the age of 26, she finally could pursue her dreams and run her own spa! That is where you will find her now, living her own destiny.


A spa owner, and a mane stylist.


When she was a foal, her and her sister liked playing dress-up with each other. One day, Shimmer told her to do her mane like a princess. When she was done, Shimmer looked in the mirror and loved the style. All of a sudden, Cari's flank glowed and her brush appeared.


  • Ice Cream
  • Coffee
  • Long Baths


  • Mud
  • Messy Manes
  • Sand
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