The captain of the HMS Gracemeria, long time friend and former squadmate of Songdance, and awkward marefriend to Ponyville's resident Nurse Redheart.


Wisla is a serious type pony who isn't really the type to spend her time having fun. Her career as a guard is basically what shaped the way she is now. When she works, she's focused and determined to get it done, not letting anything distract her from her objectives. However, Wisla Canaan has a very small soft side that rarely gets out. It comes from being best friends with Songdance. The bubbly personality the cyan pony had a positive effect on Wisla and she found time to smile once and a while when she's with Songdance (And now, Nurse Redheart.)


Wisla comes from a long line of different characters, from fast moving bounty hunters & sneaky spies to honorable guards. She became the third generation to join the guards after graduating highschool.

When she arrived at the academy, she was assigned to a group, called Squad Seven, for her training. The squad had a pretty bad reputation for being the last squad to pass evaluation every year, but Wisla was determined to bring them to the top. After getting her assignment, Wisla got her dorm room assignment and ended up being roommates with a mare named Songdance, whom she found to be a little too hoppy. ((To be continued))


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