An ex-flyer of the Wonderbolts crew, Nightshade is a stuntmare whose personality flaws are overconfidence and impatience which became the two reasons that led to the accident that got her expelled from the group. During the Summer Sun Celebration, Nightshade deliberately stepped out of line with her teammates and tried performing a very dangerous stunt to prove her worth to those who were watching at the event but ended up botching the performance and injuring several audience members as a result. Afterwards, she swore an oath of revenge against the Wonderbolts and went on the run to become the founding leader of the Shadowbolts. Although she hates the Wonderbolts for 'holding her back' more than ever before, Nightshade still has a begrudging respect for Spitfire which implies that a relationship of sufficient standing exists between them. Wether or not Spitfire is aware of Nightshade's affinity towards her remains to be seen.


Nightshade's past was a bit scary. She used to be in the cult that looked up to Nightmare Moon. When Nightmare Moon was defeated by Twilight and her friends, Nightshade took the shadowbolts and they followed under  Princess Luna.


Nightshade is currently the leader of the Shadowbolts under Princess Luna's control.


Nightshade's current occupation is being the Captain of the Shadowbolts.


  • Her phoenix Starfire
  • Resting at her tree
  • Salad
  • Her friend  Storm Chaser


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  • Changelings
  • Public
  • Shadowguards
  • Dragons
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