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Canterlot, as presented on the show.

Canterlot is the capital city of Equestria, and a secondary setting for both our RP and for the MLP series. It is accessible by pegacoach or ground transporation and is within a day's travel from Ponyville. Important locations include Princess Celestia's Royal Palace and Pony Joe's donut shop. Due to its long history, Canterlot is mainly inhabited by unicorn ponies.

Events In Canterlot

Canterlot Locations

Listed below are the various locations in Canterlot that have been established in Twitterponies roleplay.

Canterlot's Magic Academy

Also referred to as The Academy, this school is a school of magic headed by Dean Headmaster. Unicorns from all over Equestria come to this school to further their education in magic.

Sweet Mocha's Canterlot Café

Mocha's second cafe. It's a prime spot for kicking back and enjoying a coffee. It's located right near the train station, making it perfect for any tired commuters. Mocha herself does not manage this shop, an NPC does. Stop in, for you may even have a chance to meet royalty.

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