Candy Swirl is an Earth Pony living in Ponyville


Her coat is rose pink. Her hair, tail, and mane are dark pink. Her eyes are light blue. Finally, her cutie mark is a bow tie starlight mint.



Candy Swirl comes from Salt Lick City. Before in Season 1 of TwitterPonies, she flipped a bit(coin) to see if she should move to a new town. If it was heads, she would move to Ponyville. In Season 2, after the universe reset, it came up heads. Candy also likes to wear red rubber horseshoes over her hooves. She does not like to get them dirty.


Candy Swirl can make the best candy flavored milkshakes available.


Candy Swirl was finally able to make enough bits to rent a building in Ponyville. This is where she sells her own milkshakes and candies from. The name of the place is "Swirls of Candy Milkshake Shoppe". Milkshakes and candy is typically sold and is available for purchase.

OOC Note: The place is staffed with your typical waiter and waitress ponies. You can go ahead and proxy them when ordering something from the shop, if Candy Swirl is not available for interaction.

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