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This is a scene idea by Cadance's player, the idea seemed to go well on the IRC. I'm putting the scene out, so everyone can start coordinating. I completely understands if not everyone wants to participate, but more ponies means more likely fun for all^^

What is this?

The concept is very similar to Hearts and Hooves Day as seen in the show. The CadaCupidDay celebrates love, new love, old love. This is the day of where Princess Cadance "mingles" in the love of ponies and "recharges" her energy for the upcoming year.

Fun for all?

Yes, there will be plenty to do! The idea is for ponies to celebrate love, not only the love of relationships, but also, the love in friendships. EVERYTHING (there might be a surprise here) suited for pink will be pink :)


The CadaCupidDay is set to be the August 11th and may even occupy some of the 12th too.


Basically every city will be decorated pink setting the mood. Celebrate love like any other holiday, mingle, talk and most importantly have a fun day(s?)!

Princess Cadance

Cadance will be in Canterlot at start-off doing her thing, meaning ponies in Canterlot can interact with their FAVORITE princess(wink, wink). Later she will move to Cloudsdale for the ponies there, and/or any other requested city. She will arrive in Ponyville at a slightly later given point, so that ponies not in Ponyville can have a chance to take part in the fun.

Spin-off scene potential

  • Friendly mingles
  • Wedding ceremonies performed by Princess Cadance
  • A day with the family
  • Finding a special somepony <3
  • A complication (potentially an adventurous Mane 6 scene)