Butterscotch is a naturally kind pony. If he isn't busy finding some way to help others, he's trying to meet new friends. Although he doesn't have a cutie mark, he doesn't let it bother him. His answer is always the same. "It makes me unique."


Butterscotch comes from a long line of candy makers based in Fillydelphia. After discovering that he had no knack whatsoever for sweets, he decided to leave home in search of his purpose.

Having been to places such as Manehattan, Las Haygas, and even as far a Marexico, Butterscotch has picked up a lot of useless talents, among which is juggling, his personal favorite.

Butterscotch now lives in Ponyville, with his roommates Hugh Jelly and Melvin. He is currently in the process of finding a job.


Butterscotch, while being good with words, chooses not to date anypony.


Butterscotch prefers not to talk about any family. i don't know if i had one

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