Bug is a dragon pony mare with an obsession with insects and arachnids.


Short in stature, Bug is ever so slightly smaller than most other ponies, though she is no less than them strength wise. She has a pumpkin orange coat, dappled with white spots and freckles throughout it, and her eyes are rusty red in coloration. Her mane is short and dark, nearly black, and is usually unkempt. Her tail is that of a dragon, and is Sienna, as are her forelegs, which end in dragon's feet in place of hooves.


Friend to all, Bug is here to express her appreciation for the things most flee from or recoil in disgust at the sight of: Insects! Overjoyed to share information on her creepy crawlies, she may come off as bonkers, or annoying at first, though this is simply not the case. Passionate about her work, she can be found gathering specimens throughout the day and night, and will be happy to speak to anypony, if approached.

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