Buck "Bucky" Shelford is a trained herbalist from Neigh Zealand who lives amonst the trees of Ponyville.


"Bucky" is has a questionable heritage, but it is understood that trees and plants are in his family.

His father frequently used to take him camping in the bush, and taught him about all the different plants and what meakes each of them special. This eventually lead to him getting his cutie mark of a silver fern.

Although he doesn't really like to admit this, he didn't really pay much attention in school, meaning some of his interpretations of things are rather obscure.


Buck is Passionate about the Forestland, When he gets near the wilderness of nature, his inner emotions begin to show. He loves the deep shrubbary as it reminds him of his childhood.

Of course he finds it strongly disheartening when a pony (or any creature) hurts a plant.

Buck often has strong Philisophical moments during periods of the night, leading to him staring into the distance and either asking insanely weird questions, or answering those that nopony ever asked.

He has also got a strong phobia of toads, frogs and ponies that work in the hygeine industry, due to unknown childhood experience(s).


Buck was once good friends with the bard, Tailsin although reasons for there parting is unkown.

He has a strong relationship with all things nature related, and has light bonds with a few other nature ponies.



  • can locate plants using a self taught 'Stomp sonar' (or as he calls it, stomp-dar) and using the echo's getting a layout of the nearby root systems in the surrounding area. He also has a good knowledge of different sorts of leaves.
  • Is a model
  • can talk to nature itself and can speak arborian (the language of the trees)
  • Can Bushport, although he cannot control where he goes.

Although he is rather slow on the track, his strength and build covers this weakness.


-Buck's name and appearance were originally based on the Rugby Legend 'Wayne "Buck" Shelford '.

-A fear of toads is known as "Bufonophobia"

-A fear of Frogs is known as "Ranidaphobia"

Technically Buck is not a pony, but a new category known as Flauna (Flora and Fauna) also given to Timberwolves.

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