BrownSugar foal

Foal Brown with his bowtie

Brown's Story

BrownSugar was born and raised in the city of Manehatten. His two parents took care of him until a horrible fire happened one night. Brown's father had died in the fire, but his mother had managed to escape the fire and she took BrownSugar with her. Brown and his mother continued to live in Manehatten until Brown was a full grown stallion.

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Brown as a colt

While still a colt, Brown got to see the Great and Powerful Trixie perform in his Manehatten and was lucky enough to meet the mare! She gave him a special autograph with her picture on it! From this day forth, Trixie was BrownSugar's inspiration to become a magician or a wizard, and he started practising magic tricks for his mother. One day Brown's mom had sewn for him his own lovely blue suit with a lovely red bowtie! Brown continued to study magic and learnt to perform magic tricks! When the time came for Brown to move away, Brown gave his last farewells to his mother, and she gave him a lovely pet dove to remember her by, and with that BrownSugar boarded the train for Ponyville. He lives there to this very day with his pet dove Powdered Sugar! She and Brown explore the world of Equestria, performing for everypony all around Equestria and meeting all kinds of new friends!

BrownSugars Cutie mark

BrownSugar's Cutie Mark

BrownSugar's Cutie Mark

Brown's Cutie Mark is a magic wand with white stars around it, and a big red question mark in the middle.

BrownSugar's Personality

Brown is an easy-going stallion. He likes to make tons of friends, but sometimes feels he's not needed around as much, and so keeps his lovely pet dove Powdered Sugar at his side at all times! Brown also used to like stallions, a fact he kept a closely guarded secret. A few years later he realised that his sexuality didn't really matter to him as long as he had somepony to love.

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