Bright Spark

Bright Spark or 'Dell', as he prefers to be called, is a pegasus pony from Canterlot. He enjoys taking walks, exercising, eating apples and cooking. Dell currently lives with Bree and Lava Bolt. He has been vegetarian all his life, vowing never to eat meat. Dell is allergic to cocoa beans; he found this out the hard way.


Dell, an only child, was born in Canterlot, but lived in Manehattan for most of his life, where he attended the Manehattan Colts' Grammar School (MCGS). He and his parents moved back to Canterlot once he had finished school. Dell was to attend Canterlot Community College to specialise in cooking; however, the death of his parents after only two weeks in the capital prevented this.


Dell has a white coat with spiked black and green hair; many ponies mistake him for a punk rocker.

Dell has a black and grey jumper for the winter; however, he rarely wears it. He keeps his pre-ordered (but never worn) Canterlot College uniform in his closet.

Cutie Mark

Originally it was thought that Dell did not have a cutie mark; however, on further inspection, it was found that he DOES have a cutie mark, that of a chef's hat, but it is not visible due to the colour of his coat.


Dell is currently employed in marketing at the Sugarloaf Café on West Hay Avenue.


Dell is currently single.


Dell is good at cooking; he had made plans to specialise in the culinary arts at Canterlot College. He is also quite muscular, and used to own a punching bag until he moved out of Manehattan.

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