Basics & Personality

Braeburn is an Earth Pony from Appleloosa. He is the cousin of Applejack. He's acts as Appleloosa's welcoming committee. Braeburn's others duties include: taking care of Bloomberg, helping out in the orchards, going to other cities and towns to sell Appleloosan apples and buying other crop seeds, and representing Appleloosa in discussions with the buffaloes. Most of his jobs are on an as needed basis, meaning Braeburn's got plenty of down time.

Braeburn is very excitable (especially when talking about Appleloosa) and extremely friendly. He loves apples of any sort, but Bloomberg's seem to be the best of the bunch. He also has interacted with the buffaloes more than any other pony, so he's the go-to for any buffalo-pony dispute. The buffaloes seem to like him well enough. Braeburn likes his job of traveling to new and exciting places (especially in the train), but he loves his home in Appleloosa best of all.

Currently in the RP

Braeburn is living in Ponyville. He built himself a quaint house on Sweet Apple Acres's southern orchard (which had previously burned down), with permission from Granny Smith. Some apple saplings and seeds have been planted around his estate, and he's also working on a garden. He claims to be in Ponyville to learn about how the town's doing so well, so he can relay his findings to the Appleloosans to help Appleloosa grow. He also claims that he's ready to strike out on his own and to not rely on others so much, as he was accustomed to doing in Appleloosa. Braeburn is also, after a long time summoning the courage to ask her out, dating Golden Harvest.

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