Blossom was a very spoiled filly, something that carried over into marehood. Her "Papa" and her coltfriends, would give her whatever she wanted.Blossom eventually moved out of Spear's big house and into a penthouse suite with her coltfriend. Things were alright for a while, till she discovered she was being used for her families ties and money. So, she left Manehatten to go to Ponyville to set up her own shop and to get away from the mobster life style.


Blossom owns Cherry Blossom Chocolates. Making you guessed it chocolates, she always make her chocolates fresh from the bean. Sometimes she adds some nuts that


  • Mother:
  • Father:: Spear Mint (Papa to Blossom)
  • Siblings:No blood related siblings. Considers @mlp_EclairC her sister
  • Children: Adopted daughter @mlp_FallingSt and one on the way Cinnamon Light "Cinna"
  • Significant other: Her stallion is @mlp_Dees but has a secret mare crush on @mlp_Flannery



  • Haytalian food
  • Coffee
  • Clothes
  • Being spoiled


  • Decaf and instant Coffee
  • Not getting her way
  • Rival "families"
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