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MissJessica10 MissJessica10 17 November 2017

Closing out the adventure

You know guys, I never thought I would actually be able to finish this story with Mystical Melody and her friends Burning Embers, Lightning Storm, and Nature Hills. I thought something would come up and I would have to just put it down for who knows how long, and possibly never come back to finish it.

But nope. Somehow, someway, we found the will to push on and finish this tale.

The only thing is, with Strange Tidings gone, Maradice Isle saved, and Melody, now an alicorn, ruling over it in place of Lord Strums, where do we really go from here?

I mean, we could try and establish more of the island, but I'm not %100 sure, because again, I never thought that we would get this far in the story. And now that the story has been wrapped up, we're ki…

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MissJessica10 MissJessica10 8 July 2017

Handling risky material

It doesn't take a genius to know that some of the most sensitive and dangerous material one could possibly handle when creating something based on a popular franchise like MLP: FiM is when you decide to create your own customized locations for use in your project. This kind of material has to be handled with extreme caution.

For an OC like Mystical Melody, it's not so dangerous. But for an entire separate location like Maradice Isle, a place that nopony in Equestria even knows about? That's a different can of worms altogether.

And like Melody wrote in her manuscript on my profile, she's never been to Equestria before in her life. Nopony who lives on Maradice Isle has, and those who do leave the island for parts unknown are usually never welc…

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Dolphin Dreams Dolphin Dreams 26 May 2017



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Commendthemoon Commendthemoon 15 May 2017

Pruning the Hedges

Hey ponies! You may have noticed a storm of wikia activity lately, so let me explain why it’s happening to avoid a kerfluffle.

The wikia needs to be pruned. There are tons of unformated pages, no longer existing accounts, and some pages are even completely blank.

As a result, you may have noticed a few new categories appearing on most of the pages. Most of you have nothing to worry about, however there are more than a few pages that are in danger of being removed from the wikia.

What to do if:

My OC/SC page has been marked as inactive: Nothing! Your page is not in danger. It just means you haven’t roleplayed in awhile. If your page is a show character page, the inactive twitter link will be removed, meaning anyone is free to take them up/

My OC …

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Dylan.wozney Dylan.wozney 12 May 2017

Pre-Cartoon World Adventures

Howdy, Twitterponies. I'm blogging this to let you all know that AJ and Samurai are part of a project I'm working on that'll start off after the series ends. Right now there is gon a be build-up to a showdown between the overpowered hero and the overpowered villian. I have to flex the Guidelines to make it happen or else I will have nowehere to go to do this. So if oyu want to be part of AJ's journey and Samnurai's reign let me know. K? BTW, Big McIntosh; don't delete AJ and Samurai wiki pages please. They are the support beams for everything I've ever done.

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Beethooven Beethooven 25 March 2017

On Dialogue

Let me start off by saying I am NOT an expert at RP and that I have plenty of room for improvement. These are not facts, just thoughts on what I've seen and done. Take what I say with whatever weight you'd like.

Dialogue, by definition, is a conversation between two or more characters. That's actually very broad. Dialogue is your speech pattern, word choice, and so much more. In the RP sense, all we really worry about are the things that can be represented (easily) in text: word choice and dialect. Used correctly, these give a character a unique feel. Dialogue is, after all, 1/2 of the way you can express your character

The thing that I've found works best and immediately for improvement is reading your character's lines back. Think about ho…

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Frost jump Frost jump 6 February 2017


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TheIcon64 TheIcon64 27 September 2016

Howdy ya'll

Hey guys welcome to the wiki page of TheIcon64. I'm a RPer for twitterponies where my Character is Rebel who is a pony from the Smokey Mountains. My character is based on the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard. Here I will be posting blogs not only about twitterponies but other things. I will be posting reviews on Wrestling PPVs mostly WWE and NXT as well as predicitions as well since i'm a wrestling nerd Also a big Nascar nerd so expect reviews video games and other random topics that I feel like talking about. Enjoy

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CityFlyer502 CityFlyer502 15 September 2016

Work Season & Availability

Please note that the info on this page will change as I receive the necessary information and will be dependent on multiple factors. UPDATED SEPT 15, 2016 Week Of September 11-17, 2016


Monday: N/A

Tuesday: N/A

Wednesday: N/A

Thursday: 7am-11am, approx 8pm-12 midnight

Friday: 6am-1pm, 2-6pm

Saturday: 9-11am, 1-3pm

Sunday: 7-9am

Week of September 18-24, 2016


Monday: 6am-1pm, 2-3:30pm

Tuesday: N/A

Wednesday: N/A

Thursday: N/A

Friday: N/A

Saturday: 3pm-10pm

Sunday: 6pm-12 midnight

Why Is This Being Listed?

Bear with me, as this could get a little wordy. Big surprise.

So, as I've been spamming onto my timelines as of late, the work season has started for me recently. Which means time at work, which means my availab…

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JuiceDesu JuiceDesu 9 April 2016


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Cheesehooves Cheesehooves 24 December 2015

Dealing with Depression and Anxiety

Depression is a terrible, awful disease. It makes normal, everyday tasks like getting out of bed or caring for yourself seem too much of an effort. Couple that with social anxieties or just a general aversion to talking about feelings and you've got a recipe for self destruction. Many of us suffer with some form of depression, or know someone who does. Speaking as someone who has dealt with it for seven years now, it's an ongoing battle that has it's lows and highs. The lows seem more common than the highs, but once you get up in a decent outlook on life, it's incredible. 

Depression is many things, to many different people. For myself, depression is numbness. Days are annoying obstacles I need to get past. I wake up in the morning,  I cons…

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Roygbow Roygbow 15 October 2015

Sporadic return

I'm back, intermittently. Plus, sticking to what the show creators (and community), I changed my twitter handle to mlp_rswoop, as in Rainbow Swoop.

Now to wonder how many "rainbow"s are there...

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Mew4ever23 Mew4ever23 22 September 2015

Royal Equestrian Star Navy

Calling all Twitterponies that play Star Trek Online!

We're seeking any willing to fly with us for fun, profit and glory!

At the moment, there's just 3 of us, but Hit up the comment section with Char@handles (for clarification, characters in Star Trek online have a pair of names - thier given name, and the account name. the complate name for a character is @), and we'll get set up as soon as possible.

Also, yay or neigh on the name?

Warm Regards,

Rear Admiral Iceberg@mew4ever23

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Nightshade433p Nightshade433p 2 September 2015

Nightshade Report

my queen is in chains and my colony is fighting they even fighting against themselves even when ponies can see them

ponies like to Socialise

ponies forget ponies even when they try not ot

ponies always give up

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Strike Bolt Strike Bolt 21 August 2015

Strike Bolt story

(this is a character point of view RP I'm still working on Night Shade back story so you can be in it if you want to)

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Strike Bolt Strike Bolt 14 August 2015

Strike Bolt report


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CityFlyer502 CityFlyer502 11 July 2015

200+? Wow...

The title says it all. I'm quite surprised that Ruby has 200+ followers. Between all my accounts, I'm fairly certain that would be 200+ unique followers. All I can say to that!

As I've said before, mostly on my main Twitter account, I'm surprised I have any followers to begin with. And quite honestly, I still have no idea what I'm doing. Granted, I'm still one of the newbies around here. Some of the players/writers here have been around for way longer, which decidedly makes me one of the "young 'uns." But I've always heard the key to this is to go for it and have fun. And that's pretty much what I've been doing. Rolling along, doing whatever comes to mind, and partaking in a few small scenes here and there. Some everyday slice of …

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LucyNekoFleur LucyNekoFleur 23 June 2015


  • We do not know her power...
  • Wendy Nature Love friends.
  • Not page!
  • Not copy...
  • ....Continue
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Mlp lilderpy Mlp lilderpy 19 June 2015

thanks for the love in my time of need

im sorry ive not been on ive had a hemoletic attack again and they take a long time to recover from

they had to ship in the blood from 5 states away this time, my type is becoming more rare than i prevoously thought but im doing better and better each day

the red cells were down to 3.2 this time i was yellow and yellow eyes again when i came in to hospital with blood pressure 80/35 

my folks were in hawiiah at the time 

i cant thank this community enough for the support all this time! 

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Nightfall Dusk Nightfall Dusk 29 May 2015

Nightfall Dusk

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Mlp NewTwilight Mlp NewTwilight 29 April 2015

Royals Scene Transcript

So I sprang a little surprise on Fluttershy, AppleJack, and Spike by throwing a musical number at them. I had my lines prepared, and I was fairly pleased with them, but then they grabbed the ball and ran with it in the most amazing way possible. You ponies are amazing players, and I salute you! Absolutely TwitterPonies' best!
So, in case you missed it...


Twilight: *nearly on the edge of tears* @mlp_AppleJack, @mlp_Fluttershy, I... I... I -hate- being a princess! I wish I'd never cast that spell!

*minor-key music starts... … *

*the candlabras, pens, and books in the room start dancing like a scene in that OTHER franchise*

AppleJack: *frowns, puts a hoof on @mlp_T…

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Azure Helm Azure Helm 24 April 2015

Azure's Back (kinda?) and Exalted

Sweet Celestia, it's been almost 3 years since my last blog post! *blows dust off the keyboard* Okay, gotta make this a good one.

Let me start by addressing anyone who knows/remembers me from years ago: hello friends, enemies, and everything beyond and in between! I'd like to apologize for how I've been largely absent from the Twitter scene. I'll get into the reasons for that later, but first I want to say that I'm sorry to anyone I've let down, flaked on, or just generally disappointed either through my RP or my actions.

Now, to any and all people I've encountered more recently, hello and welcome to me! I hope I've made a good impression so far, because I truly do enjoy meeting and interacting with new people. That's a big part of why I joine…

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EmberScales EmberScales 24 April 2015

Knight Meeting Announcement

in order to coincide with Princess Twilight's plan to visit the Crystal Empire on saturday, our meeting with her will be on Friday at 8:00 pm.

Any who will not be available should let me and the other knights know so we can proxy you. You will be informed of the meeting details later

I repeat. Meeting with Princess Twilight at 8:00 pm tonight.

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Mlp NewTwilight Mlp NewTwilight 21 April 2015

First Day Fracas

Okay, it seems like there was quite a mess yesterday while I was afk. :P To be honest, I was expecting something like this to happen, I just didn't know who it would happen to or when. I'm happier to have it out of the way quickly.

In short: a couple of players engaged in behavior completely inappropriate to the TwitterPonies as established by our Guidelines, a few other players tried to respond in-character, which caused other players to become upset, and the whole thing blew out into a big mess. I'm not going to go into the blow-by-blow of what happened, because there's no point in pointing hooves or making accusations. I'm just going to discuss a few salient points:

  • 1 What Do You Do When Confronted With an Inappropriate Scene?
  • 2 Nobody Owes …

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Evil~Flutters Evil~Flutters 20 April 2015


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ItsPinks ItsPinks 19 April 2015

Back in the Saddle: Everything about the Player and Interacting with Pinkie Pie.

  • 1 Background Information About Me!
  • 2 Interacting with the Player!
  • 3 Leeeeets PARTY: Interacting with Pinkie Pie (2015)
  • 4 Awh, Party's Over Already?

Good golly Ms. Molly it's been a long time since I've typed one of these puppies! First, let me start by addressing my audience taking the time to read this; HELLO! Some of you know me from way back when Twitter Ponies was well under 500 accounts alltogether! Boy, how time flies when you're playing pastel ponies on Twitter, or taking breaks, even! My name is He Who Shall Not Be Named... Kidding, you can call me Chris. I feel I owe everypony here that much since I've been around for over 4 years. Anyhay, I started out here in late 2011 as mlp_Golden Harvest. Didn't know much about My Little Pony, except…

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EmberScales EmberScales 18 April 2015

Friendship Guard Patrol

Welcome to the Friendship Guard. Here we strive to protect our beloved princess and ponyville. Now before you get started there are a few things you need to choose from.

Guards must choose which time of day they will be patrolling. there are the Day Shifts and the Night Shifts. The shifts will change at dusk and dawn. any guards who's shifts are ending are to report to Captain @mlp_Brave_Soul . Also If you want to change your shift, you must ask the Captain for permission.

There are many different Patrol routes but there are two main locations. The Castlebrary and Ponyville. Guards have the option to freely choose which location to patrol. After choosing, that guard will be required to switch patrol locations weekly.

You are allowed to train …

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Mlp NewTwilight Mlp NewTwilight 17 April 2015

Job Fair, Continued

My goodness, that took forever! So many questions, so many applicants! We only got as far as the Friendship Guard. But at least we got that much done. So here's the results so far:

  • 1 The Friendship Guard
  • 2 The Knights of Friendship
  • 3 Positions Still to Be Filled
  • 4 Quartermaster (Unique)
  • 5 Head Butler/Maid (Unique)
  • 6 Domestics, i.e., Maids, Butlers, Valets (General Staff)
  • 7 Chief Medical Officer (Unique)
  • 8 Medical Ponies
  • 9 Decorator (Unique)
  • 10 Head Librarian (Unique)
  • 11 Library Staff (General Staff)
  • 12 Head Groundskeeper (Unique)
  • 13 Gardeners (General Staff)
  • 14 PR Director (Unique)

All members of the Friendship Guard are entitled to be addressed as "Guard," "Guardpony," or "Officer." Your title is Guardpony, e.g., "Guardpony @mlp_Magnet".

You work in the CastleBrary on…

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Vikingswag Vikingswag 17 April 2015

Steven Universe Roleplay

I am here to propose to you a chance to partake in some Steven Universe Roleplay! I got the idea in my head while in math tutoring today. Basically, it will operate similar to Twitter Ponies (with other tweaks involved) Except it’s Steven Universe.

What is Steven Universe?

Steven Universe is a show on Cartoon Network. The show entails a story of a half-human gem alien named Steven living with three other gems. Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. The show is set in the fictional Beach City.

How to apply

If you are interested in joining our small group, please inquire with @sut_Mod or @mlp_Olivia.

The process shall then unfold from there.

About the roleplaying style

The show characters will interact with any sort of outside character in any universe. We shou…

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Bass Dropper Bass Dropper 15 April 2015

Hi everypony!

Hi everypony! How are you today? I'm feeling great! Vinyl didn't have any gigs today, so I got the day off! How are you?

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Mlp NewTwilight Mlp NewTwilight 15 April 2015

The CastleBrary Job Fair

EDIT: This list no longer being updated! Please refer to,_Continued for the current list.

I didn't realize just how excited everypony would be for the CastleBrary Job Fair! I'm pleased and gratified, but let's face it, I'm never going to remember everypony who wants to be involved unless I write it all down. So... time for some checklists!

You can never have too many checklists.

  • 1 When and Where
  • 2 Types of Positions
  • 3 Successful Applicants
  • 4 Positions
  • 5 Grand Vizier/Number One Assistant (Unique)
  • 6 Ministers (Unique)
  • 7 Security Advisor (Unique, Temporary)
  • 8 Captain of the Guard (Unique, Hazardous)
  • 9 The Friendship Guard (General Staff, Hazardous)
  • 10 Quartermaster (Unique)
  • 11 Knights Errant (Gene…

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Takouhai Takouhai 23 February 2020

I done made a blog post

But I don't really have anything to say, so...


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Evil~Flutters Evil~Flutters 3 April 2015


Hello my name is Evil~Flutters my real name is Yasmin im 18 i Love MLP and other stuff too.

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Roseluck Roseluck 13 March 2015


Well, that was a success.

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Starhope43 Starhope43 28 February 2015

Doctor and Dimension

  • 1 '''''Gallifrey
  • 2 I ("borrowed") a Type 40 TARDIS.
  • 3 ''''The Master
  • 4 Time Rift
  • 5 Time isn't a straight line, it can be twisted into any shape.”
  • 6 The Chameleon Arch
  • 7 A Journal of Impossible Things
  • 8 Zero Room

Gallifrey was my homeworld it was destroyed in the Last Great Time War by the Dalek's but later I discovered it to be Frozen in a Pocket Universe, surviving the war.

The literal translation of Gallifrey is ("They that walk in the shadows")

Hi i'm "The Doctor" I ame a Time Lord from Gallifrey I travel through time and space with my Companions

TARDIS 'Time And Relative Dimension In Space.TARDISes
The TARDIS usually moved through time and space
"disappearing there and reappearing a process known as
This is controlled by
a component called
the dematerialisation ci…

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TheGeneral(Green Pants) TheGeneral(Green Pants) 19 January 2015

Twitterponies and TeamFutureRP

Now I cannot stand this enough as the creator of that crude website and former "staff" who did innapropriate stuff on Twitter. That stuff is dead and gone. Our new policy is "ask before you rp" because people get mad real easy if you just jump in their rp like they said to us. You were right Twitterponies. We are sorry. I mean we did cause alot of trouble but like said, dead n gone. I hope this blog is read by the people whom run Twitterponies as we are now ponies ourselfs. don't belive me? this is my ponie. I made it myself useing 3d editor. It may suck, but I'm going to give him a backstory like the rest of my team is going to contribute instead of annoy. I mean come on people we where monkeys for crying out loud. Who could get mad at a …

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Mlp NewTwilight Mlp NewTwilight 8 January 2015

A Word on Bullying

Hello. :) A little straight talk from the player here.

Something that has come up a lot lately is people asking my advice for what to do about being bullied in school. This is a complex topic, and please keep in mind that I'm a cartoon pony on the internet, not a social worker. But this is a topic that hits close to home: I was chronically and sometimes brutally bullied myself IRL when I was growing up, and it's an awful thing to go through. Your friends can't help you; the adults won't help you. At my school, the adults loved the bullies and despised me for "causing trouble" by complaining. It was really bad.

In my case, the only thing that made it stop was growing up. Adults, as a rule, don't bully each other– or at least if they do, it's no…

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Mlp lilderpy Mlp lilderpy 30 November 2014

apologies for not being on

im sorry ive not been on ive been drugged up after a long hospital stay of a gallblatter collaps and post op mixups of sunis sugury, so im back and well enough to role plau with you guys again. 

im sorry if ive said anything dirung this staate it wasint me it was the drugs but im all better in the head now and will

continue to role play 

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Cloud Tumble! Cloud Tumble! 29 November 2014

oops . .

Put the wrong username should be fixed in a couple days!

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Mlp NewTwilight Mlp NewTwilight 28 November 2014

On Being New Twilight

Hello everypony! New Twilight here, finally getting around to setting up a Wiki account for myself and saying a few words.

First of all, I want to say how much of an honor it is for me to be trusted with such an important role. All of the manes are responsible for "setting the tone" of the TwitterPonies, and that's especially true of Twilight Sparkle, and I take that very seriously.

Now that I've been in the role for a little while (has it really been a month already?) I hope everypony has become comfortable with "my" Twilight, and if anyone has suggestions or critiques I'd be happy to hear them. I do have a few principles that I am trying to stick to in my performance:

  1. I have other characters in the TwitterPonies, but I would prefer not to m…
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Rocky Skies Rocky Skies 15 September 2014

Three Years of Rock N' Rollin'

On Sept 15, 2011 I came onto Twitter to try out the game of Role Play for the first time in my life. I was 4 months into being a brony and I wanted to take a shot in playing my own pony living in Equestria. I had heard the name of a roleplay called Twitterponies a few months before from an FiM forum and decided I wanted to take a whack at it.

What resulted in my first attempt was a disaster OC known as Megapony. A unicorn OC who's cutie mark was a Mega Man 1 UP. His talent was to beat lots of Mega Yeeeeeah. Clearly I still had much to learn about how MLP RP works. 

I then looked around the TP demographic and noticed a shortage of OC colts. So I decided to turn Megapony into a blue colt. Whom at the beginning was a blank flank. T…

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Mlp lilderpy Mlp lilderpy 6 September 2014

precription mixup

ok apparently someone mixed up my prozac dosage... and ive been depressed and on the verge of self harm for the past two months so appologies if any of that rubbed off on role play. 

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Mlp lilderpy Mlp lilderpy 6 September 2014

kidney transplant sucsess!

it went well im back home and doing well! 

next up is a sinus widening and nose work 

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MLP Sirket MLP Sirket 29 August 2014

You are Special

You are special

You are, every pony is. You know why..Ahh you don’t. That brings me to today’s topic, Your cutie mark. As Cheerilee explains in call of the cutie every pony has a special talent which is represented by their cutie mark. When your create a pony you need to have a good idea about what your special talent is. Your cutie mark is a abstract representation of your talent not a literal one. For example, Cheerilee’s smiling flowers don’t mean that she is going to be a amazing gardener. They represent the smiling faces of her students. Sir Ket’s Crossed wrenches don’t represent his mechanical ability but rather his problem/puzzle solving.

Now about being special. When you are our playing in Ponyville keep your special talent in mind y…

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Mlp philomena Mlp philomena 19 June 2014

P.S.A. Breaking the System

We interrupt this Roleplay to give you a public service announcement from the crown.

A gruff guard pony walks into view, clears his throat and begins to speak.

“Sergeant Buttercup here! Today’s PSA is on breaking the fourth wall. We all know it’s there, but we don't like to admit it!”

There seems to be a commotion off camera that makes the Sergeant pause for a moment. After a short time, he resumes.

“It is a fragile little window that-”, The sergeant is suddenly cut off as the camera spins around. Queen Chrysalis resins the director in place. “YOU! Camera Three! … Stay on my good side”.

Sargent Buttercup attempts to run.

“And where do you think /you/ are going?” She surrounds the shaking guard with magic and forces him to stand next to her. The …

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Mlp ThunderBolt Mlp ThunderBolt 18 June 2014

Hi there !

Hey what's up ?

I'm Thunder Bolt, but friends call me Thunder ! I love flying, joking and having fun with friends ! But what do I love the most is: High Speed !

My story isn't cool but, that's not a problem... isn't it ?

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Melodi mlp Melodi mlp 18 June 2014


Wow! I can't believe it! I'm finally on Twitterponies! Let me introduce myself. I'm Princess Melodi and I'm the lost daughter of Queen Elsa of Arendelle. I have magical powers just like my mom and I love adventure just like my Aunt Anna. My bestest friends are Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff. Don't ask about my almost-uncle Hans. He's no good.

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Attackdog1998 Attackdog1998 13 June 2014

@mlp AttackD wikia

Attack Dog is a unicorn of moderate level, and he currently resides in ponyville. Attack Dog always wanted to be a guard pony and protect the princesses. he is 16 years old and really strong. his birthday is november 19th.

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ItsPinks ItsPinks 6 June 2014

Issues Fluttering About

This blog is just to clear up any issues and gives everyone the chance to see my viewpoints on certain topics. It'll be very small so here we go:

You will be ignored if you aren't a mlp_ character. I'm sorry, but that's just how it is. It's to keep the feed realistic and fun for me. Now sometimes I will OOCly mention a person twitter account, but that's because it brings me joy to see that they get joy when a TwitterPony mane tweets them. TwitterPonies has built a fandom and it's only respectable to tweet them once in a while out of thanks for supporting & overall really fun. I don't do that often, but when I do it... I do it. Haha. 

If you're an OC and feel that Fluttershy (or any of the manes or 'big name' show characters) is ignoring you …

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ItsPinks ItsPinks 27 May 2014

Me As Fluttershy

  • 1 Hi Everyone :)
  • 2 My Years Here & As Pinkie and Fluttershy
  • 3 Things I like and Things I Don't
  • 4 Something To Think About

Oh wow, it's been a VERY long time since I've done one of these. I wanna first say hello to anyone reading this and that this is just going to be a brief overview of myself and playing Fluttershy. I like to stay connected to the RP not only by RPing, but letting you guys know what's going on behind the scenes and everything like that. To clear any confusion & to answer any questions you may have about Fluttershy. So without further adieu...

I'm coming up on my first year anniversary as playing Fluttershy. I started with her June the 13th (ooooh, lucky number right?). I've had such a fun time and I can't wait to keep going to see…

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