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Big McIntosh is an Earth pony stallion who lives and works at Sweet Apple Acres. He is Applejack and Apple Bloom's big brother.


Big McIntosh, or Big M as he is more frequently called, is generally a laid-back, calm pony. His appearance and day-to-day Zen acceptance of things belie the sharp intelligence and deep wisdom behind those forelocks. While he's annoyed Apple Bloom more than once with his fancy mathematics and is a seemingly never-ending wellspring of sage advice and wise words, he tends to not say anything more than needed, especially when a simple "Eeyup" will suffice.


Like Applejack and Apple Bloom, Big M was born on Sweet Apple Acres and raised by Granny Smith. Due to the frequent absence of his parents, who run the major business end of the Apple family interests in Manehattan, he became a sort of surrogate father to Applejack and Apple Bloom when they were younger.

At some point, he was romantically involved with Princess Luna, but the two eventually had an (amicable) split and have remained friends even after his marriage to Sugar Belle and the Princess' retirement.


Applejack and Apple Bloom - Sisters

Braeburn - Cousin

Luna - Former marefriend

Twitter icon  Sugar Belle - Spouse!

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