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This page is to help inform everypony on how to recognize the differences between Vamponies, Bat Ponies, and Vampire Bat Ponies. Many people are struggling to find a way to tell the difference when the differences are staring them in the face. This page will help those who read it know the difference between the types of ponies that RP on the TP. 

Bat Ponies

Luna's guards

These lovable ponies are the first to be broken down. Not much is know about them other than what we have seen in the episode Luna Eclipsed. Bat ponies usually are more grey hues than they pastel brethren (ponies). Two stallions with bat wings are seen pulling Princess Luna into Ponyville. All we as a group know is that they serve the Princess of the Night. Many believe that these ponies are nothing more than normal Pegasus that have had magic cast on them by Princess Luna for theatrics.

Bat Pony Traits

  • Have bat like wings. However they are the same size as normal Pegasus wings and traditionally follow the colors of the mane and tail or are a dark purple
  • Colors for this pony are normally grey in hue
  • Ears are normal pony shaped but are fur tipped
  • Have silted pupils
  • Some of these ponies have fangs but are visible only when smiling or mouth is open
  • Mane and tail are kept
  • Only known to serve Princess Luna

Vampire Bat Ponies

Fluttershy as a Vampire Bat

The first time the Vampire Bat ponies were introduced was in season four episode seven, Bats!. The reason for Fluttershy's transformation was due to a magical transformation. some of the Vampire Bat's genetics getting spliced with Fluttershy's. Making her a pony with Vampire Bat tendencies. The only way for this transformation to happen is by magic. It is unclear is a bite from the transformed can transform a normal pony. These ponies have an ill temper and use their large fans to suck dry fruits such as apples. The only way one can lift the curse to reverse the magic that was cast.

Vampire Bat Traits

  • Have Large Bat wings that always match the color of they ponies' body
  • Their ears are more bat-like in shape and ribbed on the inside
  • They have normal pony shaped eyes however there iris are ALWAYS red in color
Fluttershy's Bat Cutie Mark
  • Fangs are always visible whether mouth is open or closed
  • Transformed ponies' cutie mark changes into something bat like
    • Ex. Fluttershy's three butterfly's turned into three bats
  • Mane and tail are wild and un-kept
  • These ponies are known for hissing

Visual Break down of the Two

Bp vs vbp by vinylbecks-d7hwoj9

Bat Ponies Vs Vampire Bat Ponies

Here is a graphic breaking down the differences side by side. Please click to read all details.

Graphic was made my VinylBecks on DeviantArt: