Bass Boost is a fun-loving stallion that loves to laugh, dance and enjoy himself, alone or in the company of other ponies. He's quick to make friends and happy to help out-if his schedule has him free, that is. Not a very heavy thinker, he's easy to confuse or mislead.


Raised in Manehattan, Bass grew up near the sea and lived a fairly standard foal-hood. His father, a sailor, often came home with stories of dangerous storms and treacherous waters to amaze and impress his young son-though sadly, most of these were likely made up. Bass was set on becoming a sailor just like his father until his mother took him to a talent show on the outermost part of the city, where he heard the voice of Angel Tone, a mare with a singing voice so powerful it blew him away. From that point on, Bass was captivated by music and the freedom with which one could have with it. All the different styles and genres swept him from the course of a sailor and put his mind set on a music career. For a time, he had a partnership with a salt lick café in Ponyville owned by an older stallion. The way this partnership worked was that he was allowed to have his music played at the café in exchange for work. After a long time, the stallion gave ownership of the café to Bass, saying he hoped the bits brought in would help him in his career (though the now previous owner was in fact getting old, and felt the time was right to move on). Bass soon transformed the café, renaming it "The Booth" after where a DJ usually stands when performing.

Fun Facts

  • Bass Boost has a major sweet tooth, loving everything from Peeps to cakes.
  • His friend and music manager Carrie Attune is the daughter of Angel Tone, the singer who captivated Bass as a colt. (Note: Bass does not seem aware of this)
  • Angel Tone is named after a real life music catalog, Angeltone.
  • He is all about that bass, 'bout that bass, but is okay with a little treble.
  • What is presumed to be a storage attic in The Booth is actually the second floor of the building, and Bass Boost's home.


Bass Boost

Bass Boost, drawn by TrinityPheonix09 on DeviantArt.

Bass cutie mark by froggyman145-dbnq474

Bass Boost's cutie mark

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