About the Badlands Rascals

Badlands Rascals is an anti-Equestrian Organizational Group that is founded by Lord Drago, the Dark Dragon Bearer. It's main base is in the 2nd District of Badlands or is simply called "Norville".

Badlands Rascals Divisions

1. Military

Badlands Rascals are consisted of different groups and one of them(and the main focus of the Organization) is the Military. Their military are on the top on the list in this Organization(and the Most Wanted One).

Types of Militants:

Badlands Land Militants:

They're responsible at raids that travels by hooves. They are the actual demolisher among all the other Militants. Most of them are consists of Earth Ponies but they're also consists of Unicorns and Pegasus. Their main objective is pretty simple. It's to raid cities and towns with blades and weapons. They always raid Apple Loosa and yet they still haven't captured Apple Loosa yet.

Leader Responsible: Lord Drago

Badlands Arial Militants:

They're responsible at spying cities and towns that travels with wings. They can be like Land Militants but their main objective is different. They spies and scouts on that specific city/town and they record it and sends it to the Strategists of the Badlands Rascals. They can also raid and attack, but it's risky for them to do that because they are NEVER TRAINED as a fighter but they are trained as a SPY. Most of them are pegasus and some are Bat Ponies.

Leader Responsible: Madam Yelina Dash

Badlands Mage Militants:

They're responsible for the defense of Badlands. They are "Magical" and "users" of magic. They are responsible for the defenses of the Badlands Rascals like magical barriers, fireballs, and many more. They are actually the strongest type among the other militants. Sadly, they can not join in the raids. They can only protect the Badlands Rascals.(That's the reason why some Unicorns in Badlands joins the Land Militants instead, including the former Rank 6 Captain,  Arnold Brands )

Leader Responsible: Sir Anchor

Badlands Medic Militants:

They're responsible for curing wounded militants and Badlands civilians too. They are specialized in none other than curing and healing. Most of them are Unicorns, few of them are Earth Ponies and there are no Pegasus because of reasons.

Leader Responsible: Madam Bella