Ava Major Harmonic (born January 2, 1990) is a unicorn musician from the United Kingdom of Braytain. She can play 15 different insturments and she is a well-known back-up singer for jazz-bands across the Braytain border as well as harmonics.


Living in a suburban town in Braytain, Equestria, Avelyn (or Ava) Major Harmonic was born of a poor, Braytish family. Her mother and father were failed jazz musicians themselves. Ava learned the harp at age 7 and learned cello later on in her childhood. Several intsruments followed in the peak of her teenage years.

She is currently a paid backing musician for dozens of choirs and musicians, and a member of the Philharmonic Symphony of Equestria.

Appearence and personality

Ava's coat is snow-white accompanied by a winged heart Cutie Mark. Her mane is jet-black accompanied by a flower.

Very friendly and very laid back (and British), when talking to Ava it is a very relaxing experience. She will tend to talk in metaphors.

Her favorite musical artists are: Nimbus and the Cloud 9s, The Beach Colts, Petula Lark and Amy Ciderhouse.

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