This page is all about Specialist Aussie Battler "G'day nice to meet you"

About Me

I was born on December 18 1990 i was a scallywag according to my parents. they split up when i was 6 but that didnt bother me, until now ive been Growing up on a cattle ranch in Ballareign Hoofstralia, I've decided to come to Equestria in search of a holiday home because I've been hearing rave reviews about Equestria. Hopefully I can find not only a place to spend my holidays but make some new friends too.


I am a lovely shade of gold with a black mane & tail, brown eyes, I have a cutie mark resembling a heart shaped shield


I took up meditation when I was very young we could not afford buck fu lessons so I trained myself, as such I've developed the ability to utilise some passive and some offensive magicks


I first met Fleur (Alipopcorn) 5mins after I landed; she's been pretty good to me. I've met and befriended a Night Guard in DarkFire. I've also met and made friends with Princesses Twilight Sparkle and Luna, the latter letting me accompany her out for a walk.

I've adopted Shining Fire & concieved with Ectyra, Shara they're very playful and I love them very much I've also become engaged to a Changeling named Ectyra

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